Act! Web Components

Act! Web Components are standards based components that you can use to make your application look and feel like Act!. Built by the Act! development team and used in the Act! product, these components will continue to be maintained and expanded on as the product grows. Interested in contributing or need to file a bug? Check out our Github page!

As easy as HTML

An Act! Web Component is just an HTML element. You can use it anywhere you can use HTML!



Configure with attributes

Act! Web Components can be configured with attributes in plain HTML.

<awc-button outlined>Outlined Button</awc-button>

Outlined Button

Declarative rendering

Act! Web Components can be used with declarative rendering libraries like Angular, React, Vue, and lit-html

import { html, render } from 'lit-html';

const name="lit-html";

<h2>This is an &lt;awc-button&gt;</h2>
<awc-button>A Button</awc-button>
, document.body);

This is an <awc-button>

A Button

Now let's take a look at the available Act! Web Components.